Hair removal : how do YOU do it?

I was 14 when I first decided it was time for my hairy bits to go away. Legs and armpits went down first.

Since then I pretty much tried every type of hair removal technique – and I can’t say there is one that makes me 100% happy, that is QUICK, PAINLESS and LONG-LASTING (I’m quite a pretentious girl aren’t I?).

The only think that I didn’t try is actually laser and IPL – the second one is on my list for some time now but I hadn’t really the chance to do a full research on it (I’ll come back to that later).

So let’s take it one step at a time (I’m planning a little hair removal techniques review here – and would also love your inputs on this 🙂 ). Continue reading


Why so negative?

smileWhy are people being so negative? I mean yes, there could be a lot of “natural” factors causing negative thinking, which is basically one of the symptoms of depression. It might also be caused by some other medical conditions – I just heard the other day a colleague, who has some kind of allergy/respiratory illness saying that her doctor said that if your brain isn’t oxygenated sufficiently (during a certain period of time) you might get depression – apparently even if you don’t have any other psychological reason. Continue reading

Band of the Week #1

Music is like chocolate for the soul… for me at least. Sometimes when I feel like giving me some R&R time I like browsing through YouTube for some new music. And I just love going to the unexplored parts of YouTube where you can find those really cool and unheard of tunes.  It gives me such satisfaction to find really good music that not many people have heard of… and yes I do like bragging about it to friends afterwards 🙂 Continue reading

Growing Up

Growing-UpGrowing up is a trap. Don’t do it they say. But you have to do it … otherwise you’ll always be that old kid reminiscing the good old days.

When talking about difficult times and growing up, I noticed how everyone talks about the scary period of being a teenager. How nobody understands you, how you feel confused and rebel. I don’t know … I never had those problems in my teen years. I just knew what I was supposed to do, and was careless for the rest, because I knew that I was young and had plenty of time for things to settle down. I mean yeah, I understand that there are teens that have problems … maybe because the kids at school treat them badly, or they have problems at home, or maybe just because they have a bad case of acne (I understand teen problems but I just don’t think that’s the most confusing life gets). Continue reading